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Success is a matter of quality service and resources. Be it management services or project support 'only' for individual professionals or memorable events, or finding business solutions for small and medium size ventures, we are at your service. We provide the resource of an established and trusted network or passionate experts and inter-disciplinary professionals - united be the believe in service culture.


Managing day-by-day business affairs can be tedious and subject to peak demands, especially for professional individuals and people of public interest. We help 'people brands' in handling professional matters, communication, business correspondence and positioning. We help you to free your mind from tasks that keep you from focusing on your external visibility. Allow us to suggest custom made management resources from public and social relations to professional support, both locally and internationally. Managing your daily life, business or projects will have never been easier.

Small Business Solutions

Starting and nurturing your own business can be overwhelming as you are faced with numerous obstacles and challenges. From arranging the venture basics when setting up a new business to positioning yourself in social media channels, our small business solutions and tools are intended to get you jump-started and, if you wish, to accompany you to reaching comfortable cruising altitude. And, since cost containment is key to all new businesses, we offer services only to the point that you need them - all at transparent cost so that you are always in control. If we do not have a specific service immediately at hand, we will find it!


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  We love this quote from the great Maya Angelou as it sums up what we believe what a truly unique event should be like. Our heritage in five star service management makes us an ideal partner to offer event solutions from support in planning and executing events, scouting people resources or special talent. We are there for you not just prior, but also during and after the event.


Concept Development

With a 20+ year background firmly rooted in the hospitality sector, the world of hotels are part of our DNA. Hardly any brand concepts are more complex that that of a hotel product, touching all human senses and needs. We help hospitality partners in creating a living product without forgetting the need to balance products and returns. From supporting concept development to staff training to client communication - we are there for you.


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